Sunday, 1 February 2015

Don't Starve Together

For all of those who are familiar with the original "Don't Starve" comes the stand alone multi player version of the game.

What to expect;
  • 6 Simultaneous Players
  • 6 Characters from the single player game (Wilson, Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX78, WickerBottom
  •  3 Different game modes (Wilderness, Survival, Endless)
As well as the standard level of customisation that  could be applied to the world in the single player version of the game.

In addition to all of this you have the option of using the steam workshop to tweak the UI and add new characters and buildings to the game, some of these are really useful and make the game more accessible to newer players, while others make the game completely trivial.

How was my experience?

Initially I began playing the game with two other friends and we rolled into the game with everything on default and  no mods added. Everything was going smoothly until one of us died, when a player dies they become a ghost and drain the other players sanity until they are revived, the materials involved in reviving a player are not always so readily available and we felt that we should just start over as it was only day 7.
The next attempt proved more successful and we pushed on closer to winter, however it was beginning to get late so we called it quits for the night.

The next time that I played was with one other friend who had played with me the previous session, this time we decide to check out some of the mods that can be found in the steam workshop. Well turns out there were a lot of new characters we could play and new buildings we could construct that made the game a lot easier to manage overall.

In this instance we were pretty efficiently equipped to deal with anything that came our way and the particular custom character that we had both chosen to play was unbelievably broken and to a large extent trivialised the games difficulty curve.
It did however provide us with a sandbox experience and gave us a lot of experience into what we actually needed to be doing in a standard game.

By day 40 we had reached a point were we no longer had to leave the base we had build during winter other than for firewood and other easy to acquire crafting mats. It resulted in a lot of AFK time or reading the wiki to explore some of the more complicated crafting and later objectives of the game.

However the next time that we play we will most likely start a new world and only use default characters and potentially a few UI tweaks to make the game a little more player friendly.

Should you play it?

I would recommend this to people who have a few friends that would be keen to play with you, although the game was originally a single player experience it is arguably more fun when playing with other people, whether you are trying to kill each other or having a bro down around a campfire not starving together, DST is a great example of the survival genre and what it has to offer. (Plus the game is buy one give one to a friend so its even easier to get people onboard.)

Thanks for reading.